People Still Blog?

I pretty much wrote this blog off and decided that I was over with it, but tonight a friend told me that it’s never over till it’s done.  And here we are.

Little updates: I have a son who is now 4.  You can read about him in past posts, but a ton has occurred in his life and mine.  I am still married, so that’s good.  But now we are expecting a second child.  We opted for a girl this time around.  I guess we figured that we’d done the boy thing and are ready for something else.
I lost another year in WoW.  But most importantly: I got off Celexa.  It was an incredibly tough challenge to overcome, but somehow I made it.
I know this post is not too informative or exciting so I will end it here.  I promise, however, that I will be back soon.  🙂


On My Mind.

Recently I left an internship.  Basically I just quit, but it felt really good.  I was working full time at a new job and trying to make it to church for youth group every Wednesday night.  It was crazy, honestly.  I made it from May until just a month ago.  My family suffered; my job suffered.  Then why do I feel like I should be going back?

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I am an Author.

I was recently accepted to write fiction for a rpg/gaming website.  I know this will cause me to restart my passion for writing and really all things blogging.   So here’s to us!

Check it out at  http://www.Trollitc.com

Tall Grass

He lays his head in the tall grass
Light trickles down from a pink sky
Soon the night will come
He will have to return
But now he can enjoy the afternoon
A cool wind prickles his skin
Goosebumps rise
Stretching up
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Franco scrutinized the curtain before him. The tapestry was of silken thread; reds and golds danced in patterns far too exotic for the peoples of Neues Emskrank to have made. The couplings also seemed far out of place for this remote village. Held up by brass tacks embedded into the cabin walls, the pole seemed too large for the room and Franco wondered how it entered the small structure. The two men wandered about the room: Captain Linus shuffling his new papers; Heike stealing glances over his shoulder.

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Such is Fatherhood.

So I’ve been brainstorming a few ideas lately; working novel ideas over and boardgame ideas. Occasionally they tie together and are roughly the same. But at the end I come to the understanding that I need a specialized workspace for such. Unfortunately I have a small house. I am currently living in a two bedroom rambler with my wife and our son. While this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to spend more time with the family, bonding over dinner and watching tv, I really need a space of my own; I feel guilty about it.

I know that if I had my own space I’d “get more stuff done.” But I worry, and really know the truth, that I would just hide there like I used to. Before we had Luke, I’d always had an office. I’d always had a space that is mine, and mine alone. I’d invite my wife down to the man-cave to spend time with me, but she was a visitor from a magical, potpourri-smelling, girly land. Men lived here, and she was well aware.

Now I am a large desk pushed behind the couch and next to our water tower. The last bastion of man. I have no garage and no place to rest my beer. Such is fatherhood I suppose.

Anyone Home?

I’ve been bad and haven’t really been posting in quite some time. Life has been challenging as my wife hasn’t been working and my son is still growing up at the regular pace. However my wife just got a job the other day and starts this week, so hopefully things will pick up and get better. Meaning I will feel more creative (with less stress) and the Orange will be more populated.

So here’s to us!