People Still Blog?

I pretty much wrote this blog off and decided that I was over with it, but tonight a friend told me that it’s never over till it’s done.  And here we are.

Little updates: I have a son who is now 4.  You can read about him in past posts, but a ton has occurred in his life and mine.  I am still married, so that’s good.  But now we are expecting a second child.  We opted for a girl this time around.  I guess we figured that we’d done the boy thing and are ready for something else.
I lost another year in WoW.  But most importantly: I got off Celexa.  It was an incredibly tough challenge to overcome, but somehow I made it.
I know this post is not too informative or exciting so I will end it here.  I promise, however, that I will be back soon.  🙂

On My Mind.

Recently I left an internship.  Basically I just quit, but it felt really good.  I was working full time at a new job and trying to make it to church for youth group every Wednesday night.  It was crazy, honestly.  I made it from May until just a month ago.  My family suffered; my job suffered.  Then why do I feel like I should be going back?

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I am an Author.

I was recently accepted to write fiction for a rpg/gaming website.  I know this will cause me to restart my passion for writing and really all things blogging.   So here’s to us!

Check it out at  http://www.Trollitc.com

Tall Grass

He lays his head in the tall grass
Light trickles down from a pink sky
Soon the night will come
He will have to return
But now he can enjoy the afternoon
A cool wind prickles his skin
Goosebumps rise
Stretching up
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