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People Still Blog?

I pretty much wrote this blog off and decided that I was over with it, but tonight a friend told me that it’s never over till it’s done.  And here we are.

Little updates: I have a son who is now 4.  You can read about him in past posts, but a ton has occurred in his life and mine.  I am still married, so that’s good.  But now we are expecting a second child.  We opted for a girl this time around.  I guess we figured that we’d done the boy thing and are ready for something else.
I lost another year in WoW.  But most importantly: I got off Celexa.  It was an incredibly tough challenge to overcome, but somehow I made it.
I know this post is not too informative or exciting so I will end it here.  I promise, however, that I will be back soon.  🙂


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On My Mind.

Recently I left an internship.  Basically I just quit, but it felt really good.  I was working full time at a new job and trying to make it to church for youth group every Wednesday night.  It was crazy, honestly.  I made it from May until just a month ago.  My family suffered; my job suffered.  Then why do I feel like I should be going back?


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We’re Waiting.

I can’t wait for Luke to play like this. =)

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A New Day.

n686774620_982484_7286Wow. Well as of December 2nd, 2008 Lacey and I have become parents. It is still surreal; weird that things can change so much in only 2 days. This blog has changed over time and seen the good and the bad times in the past few years of my life and journey with my best friend, but this is by far the happiest I have been. Ever. My eyes have opened in a new way, that although chiche, I am in wonder of this new life. However proud I am of the life that Lacey and I have helped create, I have to give all credit to God. Only in His timing could I be this happy, this gratified, and this excited to become a dad. Thank you, Lord for your wisdom in my life. Most of the time I am too blind to see what You want for me, but in this you have been patient with me.

And Luke daddy loves you.

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Logan the Lemony Kid.

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More Waiting.

Anticipation is a horrible thing. I feel this everyday; all day. My wife is due in 3 days and I really want it to happen now. I know that she’s going through all of these physical pains and stretches, but I feel them as well, at least emotionally. Its tough to keep going everyday, I just want to stay home and be with her. I don’t want to go to work, not that I did anyway, but now I have a real reason to stay home. But I need to be the man that she needs right now. I need to make the cash so she can be comfortable and bring my son into this world when the time is right. I know God has His plan, I just wish I was in on it.

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My Son.

Well things have been progressing along nicely. Lacey is now 37cm, meaning that we are officially at full term for our baby! It has been a bumpy and sometimes scary ride, but it’s almost complete. Last night Lacey spent time cleaning the house and putting together the stroller and playpen. So weird. Now that its setup in my living room, its getting so real. I’ve found myself worried about nothing. I don’t know if that’s what it will be like to be a dad, but I realized that the world doesn’t only include me and my wife. Soon I will be financially, spiritually, and emotionally responsible for a person. That, I think, is the oddest thing of all.

So his name is going to be Brandon Luke Jeffries, going by Luke. He is due on November 27, 2008 (Thanksgiving) and Lacey and I couldn’t be more excited.

Luke, I already love you, and I can’t wait to meet you!

-Your Dad

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