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Old School Rundown.

Well things seem to be going good for me as of late.  My wife and I are getting on better than we have in a while and work is going alright.  I have tried to fill the time with a few old video game titles including: Baldur’s Gate and X-Com: UFO Defense..  Wow I must be bored.  I know all of you have (if you are a gamer) played each of these games in their time, but with my new video card and all the speediness of my CPU, I wanted to give a replay review of some great games from back in the day.



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My Wii and Me.

Well most of you know, but I got my Wii, and boy does it rock. I love that everyone wants to play games together again. I feel like I am 10 years old again with the NES. Just awesome.

Anyways I was playing some games and surfin around and I came across this vid, it just demonstrates what the Wii could be capable of. This is not a real Wii game, but it could be soon. Enjoy.

PS Lacey I found an interesting video about your favorite game here.

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Dance to the Beat.

So this week I had a paper due on the processes of my new job for HR. It also had a speech that was a bit stressful. I don't know why I let myself get so upset, but such is life.

Next week is finals, so that should be fun. I was working online for a minute and found a cool vid that you should check out.

This is a German music video that some kids made in the MMO Guild Wars. Just check it out.

And a bonus throw-back.

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Goodbye friend.


RIP Pirate Bay.

We will miss you. =(


EDIT:  Whoo hoo! 

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This new, old rock.

Well let me start by apologizing. "I'm sorry, you're cool." I have been gone, but not from my house or my computer. Indeed I have become addicted. Damn you Shane, Jesse and Erik. Damn you all. I am playing magic, again.  Sigh.

I have battled drinking, drugs, sex and even World of Warcraft. But I find myself craving something that I know is bad for me. Magic: the gathering. I first came to know my true love at the tender age of 13. I was over at my good friend James' house for a sleep-over. (How do you say that and not sound just wrong?) All together it was James, Jesse and myself on the roof of his garage. We were hanging out and watching the stars for a meteor shower that was supposed to happen that night. Well James fell off the roof (after I kicked him, lol) and didn't show back up. After a good 10 minutes or so, Jesse and I became worried. We got off the roof and came downstairs to his room. We then found James, his brother Steven, and Steven's friend Matt, all playing a game we'd never seen before. It was Vampire: the masquerade.

Wow. I was stunned. It was so cool, and yet so completely wrong in the eyes of my christian mother. I had to play! (Sorry mom.) So that night, while meteors fell outside, we battled the forces of good, drinking their blood in the moonlight of James basement.

Well after a while Matt (the gamemaster) was getting tired of hearing the latest Beavis and Butthead quotes to the backdrop of James singing "Off to See the Wizard" from the Wizard of Oz, and decided that we needed to grow up a bit to play this game. We complained and Matt caved, saying that we could play next time. Anyways, this is the time that Steven pulled out his deck of magic cards. He shuffled up a very nice deck with black borders. "This is magic."

And yet again, I was stunned. I probably watched like 50 games that night, and asked 100 times if I could play. "Sure if you have a deck." They always said. Sad. So I wandered around their room and gathered a few cards and made a deck. Pretty much I was free to use any cards I wanted except a very large stack in the corner. They were off limits because they didn't shuffle right. They all had cornered edges.

Years past and James moved away. Jesse and I have quit and picked up the cards many times since then. This will always be a link to a simpler time, a link to a more pure way of life. People have the house they grew up in, they have the friends they knew, I have the cards. The cards that helped me become a man.

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Get ready for this.

Well today’s the day gentlemen. Are you ready? By the end you will all be crying for your mommies to come pick you up.


All hail JESSE!!!  Winner of the 1st monthly Magic: the Gathering booster draft world tour!  *applause*
Jesse's a winner

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This is for all my homies.

WoW. This (Not Safe For Work) is so true. I am almost ashamed to post this, but I had to do put it up for my wife. “Its addicting!” she says. “No, no its not.”

Well I guess I was wrong. Thankfully I quit a few months ago, and my life is all the better for it. (If you know what I mean. NSFW)

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