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My Voice.

I don’t think that anyone is unsure as to which candidate I will be voting for this election, but I wanted to fully explain why I feel that Obama is going to be my choice. As a Christian, I find myself in a dilemma when choosing my vote: Republicans have become synonymous with Christianity. I don’t agree with that, in fact I feel that, with exception to abortion, republican values no longer look to God in most things. As this is just my opinion, it’s hard to back it up with any facts, but I saw this on Reddit today and felt a desire to post it as something that I identify with.

I keep getting sent all these videos and e-mails about people prophesying that McCain and Palin will win because they are “God’s Ticket.”



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Shout at the Devil.

https://i2.wp.com/upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2a/Fist.svg/337px-Fist.svg.pngThe time is coming faster than I would have thought. But honestly I have had a lot on my mind as of late.

The time that I am looking forward to is November 4th. That is the day that we, as Americans, get to exercise our freedom. We get to express ourselves to our government and actively change the way that our country and our lives are run. What rights we will gain and lose, where our economy and foreign policy are going to directed. I am just very excited.

I have talked to a few people around town and unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the consensus. Quite a few of people older than me are jaded on politics in general. We had a very close race here in Washington state last election time, mirroring the presidential race of 2000. I voted for Dino Rossi last time and plan on doing the same, but others that voted for him feel that it was stolen from them. That it doesn’t matter who they vote for their one votehttp://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:1BcuBXmOe5f5CM:http://www.flag.com/images/US%2520Flag5420.jpg is only that: one drop in an ocean; one log in the fire; one note in the music.

But that’s just it! That one vote is one voice, and when that voice is loud enough, screaming for change or justice, it will be heard. We have the right, the power, and the responsibility to get up off our asses and cast our ballots on November 4th. I don’t care who you choose to vote for, I just want to see you there.

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A Short Rant.

https://i1.wp.com/www.caglecartoons.com/images/preview/%7B07f8112a-30d8-4e81-8e82-72e4990c38d8%7D.gifHey so for the last few weeks we have all seen the cliff and watched Wall Street get ever closer to the edge. A few banks have already chosen to make the jump, and a few have been given rope to steady themselves. But ultimately we have seen the beginning of a new era in America; not only economics, but politics and everyday living. Things are changing.

There is an election coming up and I think that most of you have made up your minds as to who you are voting for. I have gone round and round with my dad about who I feel should be president. He is from a different time than me however. He is retired military, strongly conservative, and feels that he works very hard for everything that he’s earned. None of these issues are things that I can debate him on as their personal reasons for voting. He and many others are pro-republican. While not part of the party officially, I know many people that will generally vote for a republican in each election without reading the issues, listening to debates, or even finding their preferred candidate’s platform.

I am not belittling my father, far from it, I am just trying to convey a message that I feel that we have gotten off-track. We as Americans, as consumers, have been trained and conformed to believe what is put in front of us. We are told that there are only two choices, and we have to pick one. Do we like red or blue? Do we like chicken or beef? Years ago men made choices based upon their personal beliefs. They built a foundation that continues today, and others have been riding on their coattails for too long. Why is McCain the chosen candidate for the Republican Party this year? Is he the best they have to offer? In that case is Palin the best vice-president that they can offer? Or is it that they are the most appealing, the best and sharpest dressed at the function? They are the natural chicken to Obama’s beef.

I read an article about the “emergency” meeting that McCain stopped his campaign to attend today, something that he couldn’t miss. It seems that it was setup to grant a resolution to the economic meltdown; empowering Main Street to relieve their debts with trickle-up economics. However McCain seemed a bit out of his league compared to the “inexperienced” Obama.

A few quotes on this:

New York Times:

Instead he [McCain] found himself in the midst of a remarkable partisan showdown, lacking a clear public message for how to bring it to an end.

At the bipartisan White House meeting that Mr. McCain had called for a day earlier, he sat silently for more than 40 minutes, more observer than leader, and then offered only a vague sense of where he stood, said people in the meeting.

Still, by nightfall, the day provided the younger and less experienced Mr. Obama an opportunity to, in effect, shift roles with Mr. McCain. For a moment, at least, it was Mr. Obama presenting himself as the old hand at consensus building, and as the real face of bipartisan politics.

Daily Kos:

Think Lincoln or FDR. They all came into office during a time of extreme crisis. Greatness comes, not from maintaining peace and prosperity, but rather from saving the country from an abyss.

By the way, McCain’s done this before.

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We Need Your Help!

Get over to SavetheInternet.com and lets fight this!

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