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Bad day.

Well I woke up late for school today, almost got a ticket, and was ridiculed throughout my first class. I forgot my gameboy for the 2 hour break. Math got out early today, but thats no biggie as I still had to go to my last class. Speaking of which that perticular class usually gets out at least 45 minutes early, but tonight went all the way to 10pm. I have been falling asleep in class all day, tired beyond tired.

Sigh, so that was my day. I finally smiled when I got online and saw a few videos that I haven't seen in a long time.

Lemme know what you think (and mind the language):

Yeah I know that they are kinda bad quality, but still timeless.


This last one is for Grik:


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Well I saw this, and thought it was pretty interesting. 19 years? I can't believe that the Simpsons will reach 19. I mean not that they don't deserve it. I think we all can remember a time when we watched and laughed. Watched and loved. Just watched. Well congrats Simpsons! Here is one of my favorite moments:

Mr. Burns Birthday with the Ramone's, "Go to hell you old bag!"

Also as a sneak peak here's a clip from the upcoming Simpsons Movie:

EDIT: lol, I know that video isn't from an upcoming movie. I just wanted Grik to comment. But alas the one day he doesn't read. Oh well, in all things Simpsons today, check this out!

EDIT:  Well I tracked down the REAL Simpsons trailer. Here you go:

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