The interior of the cabin assaulted Franco’s nostrils far before he set foot within the structure. A sickly, foul odor seemed to emanate from every surface behind the door; binding itself to anyone; anything that dared enter. An unnatural darkness enveloped him as he entered, and as Franco’s eyes adjusted to the interior two men approached him. The corruption of the room put him on guard; Franco’s rapier inched from its scabbard.
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Franco’s Tale Part 3.

The pair looked no worse for wear through the bog as they arrived upon a nondescript cabin amongst many others. Franco could not have picked it from the rest as a place of special bearing, but then this was a time of war, and even the noblest of gentlemen must make due with the surroundings so dealt to him.
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Double Feature.

Whats one good video without another? This is a seven year old after the dentist. Needless to say he was pretty messed up from the drugs he was on.

We’re Waiting.

I can’t wait for Luke to play like this. =)

Ok, so I feel that for continuation’s sake I should keep updating the LeakyOrange as to the whereabouts of my elf Ariennaar.  Well after the last post he was traveling to Tilea (which is like Italy in the Warhammer World) to gather his men.

There is a story that goes in the middle here, which I am going to write. Unfortunately I just haven’t had time to do that with my son being a strong focus of my attention lately. But I promise it will be done. Anyways Ariennaar gets to Tilea and ends up entering a contest of gladiatorial combat. The pit fighting is sponsored by the Winter Prince.

So this is his first bout (which was not written by me, rather the Game master: Squeek)

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My Gift.

This morning, I think I discovered my gift. For quite some time I have lamented over what I am supposed to do with myself, and who I am supposed to be. And I have been praying a lot. I mean nearly all the time. Well once you acclimate yourself to the waters of constant communication with God, things in your life start to change. I have become more loving with my family, more understanding in relationships outside the home, and really just a more giving, and honest person. Well maybe not more humble, but I will let you decide.

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The rain fell thick here in the backwoods of the Empire and Ariennaar felt no closer to completing his goal. He had come to the conclusion that to gather a proper defensive force for his home he needed connections amongst the noblemen of the Empire. Only there would he be able to find the proper contacts and equipment needed to banish his dark kin into the sea for all time. In the eighteen years he had been away from his homelands he had spoken with nobles as well as a few Elector Counts and discovered that the only thing that would motivate the nobles of men was their chief vice: gold. They did not fight for honor or glory; for power or status. No, while the men of the Empire would speak of their honor, Ariennaar knew that they did not even know its true meaning.
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